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IWAC Safety Certified Window Cleaning Company in Dayton, Ohio

IWCA Saftey Certified Window Cleaning Contractor in Dayton, Ohio, Pride Master, Inc.Pride Master is the only IWCA Safety Certified window cleaning company in the Dayton, Ohio area. Safety certification, based on the ANSI I-14.1 safety code for the window cleaning industry is available only through the IWCA and has only been available for a few years. We are proud to be the 59th company in the contiguous U.S. to attain certification. Prospective customers may search for certified window cleaners in their area at .

A direct quote from the IWCA may best describe the program:

The IWCA Safety Certification program was developed to enhance the knowledge and skills of professional window cleaners across the country.  The program was designed to educate workers with in-depth knowledge so that they can recognize the hazards associated with their occupation and create and implement means and methods to avoid them.

For the betterment of the window cleaning industry and the welfare of the window cleaners themselves; we challenge all window cleaning company owners everywhere to complete the IWCA training program and develop in depth ANSI I-14.1 based proprietary safety training programs.

Our Proprietary Safety Training Program:

We have developed an extensive in house safety training program, based on the ANSI I-14.1 Safety Standard for window cleaning, that includes everything from basic safety concerns such as placement of idle tools and awareness of landscape and surroundings to anchorage and tie backs for high rise and everything in between.

Our program includes an approximately three hour class followed by a one hour test once every two months and our employees must show not only a solid grasp of safety standards knowledge, but the ability to apply that knowledge to field applications in order to qualify to be scheduled to work.

If you would like to view or print a copy of our safety training program, please send us an e-mail from the contact us page of our website and request a password for the document link on our home page.

Additional Training:

In addition to our IWCA Certification and superior proprietary safety training, Pride Master also utilizes the ladder safety training offered by the BWC and the on-site training offered by our lift equipment supplier to ensure knowledge of the subtle differences in equipment.

Equipment Inspection, Maintenance and Replacement:

In addition to training and requiring our employees to inspect ladder, rollers, rope, chairs, harnesses, caribiners, racks, lanyards and any other high access equipment and hardware on a daily basis prior to use; we also inspect all ladders, jump gear and safety equipment at the administrative level once every two months in conjunction with our managers meeting(s). Any items found to be worn out, damaged or otherwise outside the parameters of industry safety standards are removed from service until repaired or replaced.


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