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Home Window Cleaning Services in Dayton Ohio

by Pride Master Inc.

If you are you tired of spending your valuable free time washing the windows in your home, then contact the company Dayton, Ohio and the Miami Valley turn to for all their residential window cleaning needs, Pride Master Inc..

At Pride Master Window Cleaning, home window washing is our specialty, we understand the unique needs of Dayton and Miami Valley homeowners. From hard water stains to hard-to-reach windows, our cleaning team can handle all of your needs with ease.

Let’s face it, window washing is a chore and one that no homeowner really wants to tackle. Still clean windows are important on many levels. Natural daylight coming into your home provides the best form of light for vision and increases warmth in fall and winter months.

Your home really won’t look clean if the windows are dirty, no matter how neat you otherwise are. Fortunately, you can avoid this unpleasant chore by hiring a professional window cleaning service, like Pride Master Inc.

Washing exterior windows can be a safety challenge with homes of a certain size. Getting a window clean on a second story will require the use of a ladder. You run the risk of a dangerous accident if you are afraid of heights, or have health problems that impact your balance.

Our window cleaning professionals deal with heights as an every day part of their job and are experts at what they do. Hiring Pride Master, does away with the risk of injuring yourself.

Our customers range from the simplest of ranch style homes with thermal windows to a million dollar plus estate with three floors of Pella windows and a fourteen story apartment building that requires rope access from the upper floor windows. If it can be done, we can do it; and we probably already do.

Thanks to our Pride Master, you can now have a convenient way to have spotless windows year-round without the hassle of having to clean them yourself.

No matter if you want to have your windows meticulously cleaned prior to a party or after a big storm or simply desire home window washing services on a regular basis, turn to Pride Master Window Cleaning every time.

Here is more residential window cleaning information and tips, on what we can do for you.

Storm Windows:
From triple track to piggy back and magnetic to clip ons, we’ve seen them all. When we price a job with storm windows we generally provide prices for both 4 side service (which includes disassembly, cleaning all sides of all glass and reassembly) and 2 side service (which involves no disassembly/reassembly and includes cleaning only the inside and outside). The inner sides don’t tend to dirty as fast as the outer sides so our advice to customers who have their window cleaning done regularly (quarterly or greater) is to clean the inner sides only once for every 2 cleanings depending upon the frequency of service.

Tip: Storm windows treated with a “low-e” coating and/or tint film require special care. “Low e” treated windows can be recognized by a hazy or cloudy look to what otherwise appears to be a clean window. Our recommended cleaning process for each of these scenarios is a soft cloth such as microfibre and a mild cleaning solution to avoid scratching the coating.


Our best recommendation is to clean the screens every time you clean the windows. Screens get dirty just as fast as the glass does and dirty screens will negate the improved clarity of the glass.

Tip: Metal screens tend to corrode and will frequently appear dirty even after cleaning. Metal screens can also cause an effect called screen burn on the glass resulting in the need to have the glass scrubbed. There are many screen material options available including nylon and fibreglass and we highly recommend that customers with metallic screens either remove screens during the times of year that opening the windows is unlikely or permanently replace them with non metallic screens to protect the glass.

Frames and Sills:

Wiping the frames and sills down after each window is cleaned is a standard part of our window cleaning. We will also remove spider webs and cobwebs from the adjacent window trim to enhance the end result of our service, however; detail cleaning of frames, sills and window tracks can not be done within the scope of our standard pricing and are priced separately when requested. Track cleaning includes vacuuming the tracks, which is something our crews are not equipped to do unless that service is requested in advance of service.

Contact one of the best residential window cleaning companies Dayton Ohio and the Miami Valley have to offer, Pride Master Inc. You can also reach us with any questions about our residential window cleaners and home window washing services through our Contact Us page.



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